Short Code in Bangladesh

Short code service has proven to be one of the key marketing tools among businesses nowadays as researches show that an advertisement receives more response with a short code contact in it. By definition, short codes are special telephone numbers that are significantly shorter in length and intentionally designed to be easier to read and remember. It's demand from both public and private organizations and usage in businesses are increasing.

Short codes are primarily used for value added services (VAS) like:

Short Code Categories and Allocation Fee

Category Description Allocation Fee
Category-A Any other organization providing information, banking and financial service, customer care service, helpline, news and media, education, transport, aviation, e-services (including education, e-health, e-commerce etc.), entertainment, medical, travel, tourism and other similar services. 2,00,000 TK
Category-B (special) Organization providing service to limited members/customer base (non-public service), public/private organizations intended to choose their short-code number (in compliance with numbering plan, short code allocation procedure etc.). 4,00,000 TK

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