Toll Free Number in Bangladesh

Toll Free Service has evolved as an essential service in modern telecommunication around the world. It is a service in which the caller does not pay for the call rather the called party or a 3rd party pays for the call. Hence, it is Toll Free for the caller. The Toll Free Service is different from collect all. In the collect call, the called party has the right to accept or reject the call and consequently, the call charges are applied to the called party. Alpha PBX provides Toll-Free Number in Bangladesh.

Toll-Free Number Features & Benefits

Better reach and accessibility

The toll-free number makes your business more accessible to your customers as they can connect to you free of cost.

Creates a brand image

Displaying a toll-free number on your website and advertisements gives your business brand recognition.

Better customer service

No one wants to pay when they call your helpline number. Thus, to ensure customer satisfaction, you must have a toll free customer support number.

Increased call leads

Customers prefer to call on a toll-free number rather than a non-toll-free number. Thus, in case someone is inquiring about the product you sell, they’re more likely to call you first.

Toll-free for freelancers

Freelancers who own a toll-free number gets more project as compared to other freelancers. Because they can contact him at any time and it won't cost them a thing.

Helpful for NGOs

The purpose of any NGO is to help those who’re in need. Thus, they can’t depend upon the resources available with their callers.

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